Nike me!!!

Do you know this feeling when you want something so badly that you forget about the whole world around you? With each second you can sense how the obsession starts travelling in your veins. Your sight becomes blurry. Nothing else matters but the object of your desire.
Call it whatever you want - him, her, power, success, freedom, happiness, a pair of shoes, it's just there - right in front and inside of you - mercilessly piercing through this shell of resistance.

Consider me crazy but when I was pressing this eBay button yesterday confirming the purchase of my year 2012 trainers I felt just like that - blinded with desire and as stupid as a donkey (with all respect to donkeys). I finally found them! I had to own them regardless of what my credit card bill said!

The shoes were due to arrive in my house at 9.30 this morning. There was no one at home to collect them. My heart sank. When I received the confirmation that my shoes arrived at number 25 (thank God not at 28 - psychotic neighbour - or in some soulless depot), I was singing the hymn of joy. Once again, I felt like a total idiot but...what a happy one!

My comeback home this afternoon was so exciting that I cannot even find the right words to express it. Let alone, describing my enthusiasm when the number 25 neighbour handed me the parcel. Aaah!

They were there! Finally in my greedy hands. In the orange box. Maybe they were not the most beautiful objects I had even seen in my life or the best pair of you shoes I had even owned or will own...but in that particular moment they were just perfect. The world was perfect. My feet did not seem huge - they were just perfect.

Oh! I wish we all could experience those moments all the time! :-)

Still in the box (check out the red soils)

Out of the box

And on my feet

Nike Blazers
available on eBay or ASOS


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