Veni, vidi, vici

After weeks of skilfully avoiding window shopping (as it always results in purchases), I could not help myself and stepped into UO and Zara. I was expecting some wonders and inspirations, marvels and magic (almost). To my disappointment all I saw was studs, studs, STUDS everywhere!! As much as I love the detail, I cannot bear its shiny existence on every single piece of clothing, as if there wasn't anything else that could excite as much?! Veni, vidi, vici? Definitely!

I did not want to be too judgemental and blame everything on poor UO and Zara. Therefore, I looked around and I saw the same. Spiky little items seemed to have invaded the space, at least the one belonging to street fashion kings and queens.

My only hope lied in shoes and there they were - all creeped and Jeffrey Campbelled. AAAAA!
I wanted to scream!!! 'What happened?' I wondered. 'Where is the diversity, choice, difference, uniqueness? Is it only me seeing everything duplicated to some ridiculous extent or am I just seeing things I want to see?' It's hard to judge with only one pair of biased eyes, or maybe they are not so biased?? Who knows. All I am sure of is that I did not feel like buying anything but I did find some pieces worthy attention.


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