A few months ago while waiting for a friend on Carnaby Street, I walked into, what I thought it was, Cheap Monday. After having spent good 20 minutes in the store, I realised that it was too cheap and too modest for CM. Only then it dawned on me that I was somewhere I had never been before and that that new 'somewhere' was called MONKI.

Since then I have visited the shop at least 3 times, each time absolutely broke promising myself to go back and buy some of those amazing items! Although still penniless, I finally fulfilled the promise today by purchasing a funky iPhone case for £5!!!
What about the clothes, you may wonder! I loved them and I am quite certain that I touched almost each item thinking, 'Oh, I want you!' Am I exaggerating? Not sure myself but you should definitely check the shop out as it is worth it! Here's the website, facebook and below some of the pictures depicting its quite (unintentionally) ambiguous design (you will know what I'm talking about it a sec:P).
Again, I promised myself to go back to the shop when I have some real money (not the virtual Barclaycard one) so the post on the clothes from the store shall arrive soon!


Even their receipts and plastic bags are cute

Carnaby Street store


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