Harrods me!

A couple of years ago I found my perfect dream dress. It was black. It was simple. It loved my arms, my bosom, my waist, backside and legs. It made me feel like someone special. It gave me this Audrey Hepburn flair. From someone so easily to be overlooked and ignored, I turned into someone you could not stop looking at. Now I am pretty sure it was more about my confidence and absolute love to what was happening at that moment than about the dress. It definitely worked as the lady who served me suddenly looked beyond my non-wealthy look and started doing her job properly. Unfortunately, back then my Barclaycard did not love me as much as it does now and I could not purchase the D&G dress. I still pathetically dream about this moment.

Tonight I found myself in front of Harrods on my way back home from visiting a friend in Chelsea. Suddenly it dawned on me that I hadn't written  anything on my blog for days. The idea of a perfect dream dress appeared before my eyes and I walked into Harrods.

I had to come out of my comfort zone in order to go in there and just try on dresses without feeling intimidated. For some reason people working in fancy places make me feel uncomfortable. Even if I really want to buy something and have the money for it, I always end up buying in online (if only Pretty Woman had had this opportunity). Anyway, I though 'fuck it and do it!' I walked like a madwoman into the womenswear section with the desperation to buy something written on my face. The shop attendant was with me within seconds. The detailed description of what I was looking for and a few comparisons between designers and their  statement cuts worked - the poor man was running around bringing me dresses! High five to me! I tried on a few of them but did not find the one - even to dream about. Also, the battery in my phone died so I could not take all the pictures. Below, the first few dresses I tried on. It was so much fun that I could not stop laughing (especially with the attendant knocking on my door every 2 minutes making sure I had more fun).
I seriously recommend this type of a time killer!

Alexander McQueen

this one can be worn either way



frizzy Merlin is back 

Roland Mouret


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