Single. Taken. Hungry.

Saturday morning. The incessant knocking on the front door. MY T-SHIRT HAS ARRIVED!!!! What an endless joy!!

Single? Taken? Definitely hungry - brought to you by amazing Local Heroes (Poland - you make me proud!)

See yourself!!!

I was so excited about the t-shirt that I even 'harassed' lovely Rosanne into taking some pics of me wearing it!


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  2. damn it! I've deleted my comment, I don't know why!
    so let me write again, I'm going to London next month and I'm looking for some cool charity shops or secondhands. If you could just tell me about one or two, it will be great :)

    1. Hey!
      I usually go to Beyond Retro on Brick lane or in Dalston when looking for vintage pieces. When it comes to charity shops, I usually visit Notting Hill and walk around - there are a lot of little charity shops in there.
      Hope it's helpful? Have fun in London:-)

    2. Thanks a lot! It's very helpful and I'll write what I found in London soon :)


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