Saturday Night (Sale) Fever

Saturday night. 
Exact time: 8:30pm
Location: Oxford St, London
Exact locations: ZARA, New Look
Character #1: SALE
Character #2: Myself going back home


Staying away from falling prey to sales did not work in my case. Someone had to buy those shoes and a bag! To be honest, I actually needed a new bag and a pair of new sandals...or maybe two pairs:-)!
I did not plan to do any shopping and because it all happened very spontaneously and unplanned, you can imagine how excited I became...and how nothing could stop me!!!

Item #1 - the bag
I needed a bag. My favourite, fitting everything bad started to decompose in front of me. Unfortunately, my bank statement wasn't too friendly this month (again), so I had to forget about buying some lux leather bag...Salve to ZARA - they know how to make bags that do not look cheap.
Say hello to my new baby! Oh, it was £15.99 on sale!

Item #2 - sandals
My feet are not very friendly and do not get along with many shoes too well. Plus, they are very demanding. Buying a pair of cheap shoes is always welcome with one big NO!! The shoes have to be leather and usually too expensive to get the approval of my feet. Fortunately, life likes surprising us all.
After I bought my ZARA bag, I decided to have a look at shoes. As a woman, I always need a new pair of shoes because 'I have no footwear for this summer!' I visited TopShop, Shuh, Office, ALDO...etc. Nothing! Then, against my usual instincts, I went to New Look...and...after trying on 10s of pairs, I found 2 that my feet absolutely loved, let alone my purse!
Comfortable, leather sandals, both for £20. Say hello to my babies!

original price £34.99 - sale price £11

original price £27.99 - sale price £9

Those items may not last forever but so far as the summer 2012 is concerned, they make us both happy!


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