Oxford Street & Co.

Window shopping and taking pictures of yourself in interesting garments could be fun but this fun in not comparable to the fun that you can have doing the very same things with your friends!
Last weekend I hit Oxford Street in order to make two of my friends' wardrobes happier! I will be honest and admit that this time I was quite picky and found only a few interesting items!

We visited:

I guess that most of the people that are in their 20s (or younger) avoid the shop considering it to be for more advanced in age ladies. However, they are absolutely mistaken here. M&S' shoes are most comfortable shoes I have ever found in the UK and they are always trendy and of amazing quality! Check out this pair of nude high heels! My feet and legs loved them big time so I am waiting for the sale!

showin' some love

Aldo Outlet Store
We did not manage to find any shoes but accessories were quite nice.

I adored this hat (all the hats were 2for1)

and this bag
introducing Abbey

New Look

simple red cotton dress 

There Abbey found most amazing jumpsuit (on sale!!!)

I quite liked this top and the skirt

That was the coolest outfit ever! Does it remind you of someone??? Yep! You're right - Bjork!
introducing Hanna


  1. Brilliant post!!! :-) Said it before but great blog. Keeps me coming back for more! :-)



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