Back On Track Part I

A minor surgery two weeks ago has kept me at home all this time, which absolutely disabled me from leaving Hackney for days. What follows, I have had NO chance to visit my favourite charity and vintage shops!!!
However, I could not live all those days through without doing any form of clothes hunting. Therefore, I did something I would never normally admit to - yesterday I spent HOURS in Westfield (Stratford) window shopping and picture taking. Shame on me but what a fun!!

I visited my all time favourites - Urban Outfitters, ZARA and H&M. As well as the shops my leg usually never steps in - Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Bershka and TopShop (where my phone decided to die, hence, no documentation of my presence in the shop)!

Some results:


bandage like cut out dress

shirt dress

Every now and then I get this insane crush at something that I simply cannot stop obsessing about. Recently, it has been all about a pair of studded trainers and lace insert shorts. As the prices of the trainers are far beyond my financial possibilities, I decided to focus on shorts (as you will see yourself, quite a few examples of them will follow). The best ones I found where UO's ones (Sparkle and Fade, to be exact). I was trying to find some wallet friendly cousins of those but failed. Therefore, £32 stayed with UO last  night and I promised myself that I would find ways of getting it back. However, guess what!!?!?! They discounted the shorts TODAY!! Now they are £15. Argh!!

Still love them regardless! (never call them PAJAMAS in my presence!)

print dress


They are having quite a nice collection atm (and the fabrics are not that bad this time, I need to admit). However, the SIZES are intended for primary school children

pastel lace skirt

(I was trying to be creative - with a mixed result)

shorts (!!)

(these look way better in reality)

silver jeans


one word 'LOVE'

(trying to kill it again)

Another favourite of mine

lace back top

red studded top


to be continued


  1. Cool stuffs!

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  2. Brilliant post!!! :-) Said it before but great blog. Keeps me coming back for more! :-)


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