Raiding Traid

I have been 'diversely' busy recently (work, flat search, performing, blogging) and because of that I decided to take a day off work on Friday. Guess where I ended up again? 
Unfortunately, at the moment I am staying with a friend who lives 5 meters away from the best charity shop I have ever been to! Therefore, on my way to get some food (empty fridge) I just could not avoid popping in there!

Here is what I found:

Mark Jacobs denim skirt (if only it was the right size)

Green 'dragon' shorts

Joseph washed silk skirt (looking slightly inappropriate on this pic:-))

Cute flower print skirt (it's vintage!)

Kimono style dress (by some local designer - don't remember his name). It's more impressive live

I really liked this top but, again, wrong size!!! 

Some cute 'silky' tops

How stunning is this one???

After an hour of hanging out in this charity shop, I visited another one ...and check this out!

MATHEW WILLIAMSON Silk Top FOR £8!!! (I wish my breasts fit into that!)

After having tried all of those clothes on, I had to buy something and I did!!!

Animal print red dress, ASOS £9

Previously mentioned cream top, £6.99

Lace hoodie, £14.99

Think whatever you want, I LOOOOOVE charity shops!!



  1. Hello dear, you have an amazing blog!!! Do you mind sharing your blog ideas?? I am basically NEW in blogging and if you don’t mind, maybe we could help each other? I’m a new follower… 

    1. Hi:-))
      I'm glad to hear that you like it!!
      I'm pretty new when it comes to blogging but happy to help you out! Just let me know how I can do so:-)


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