From eBay with Love

This moment when you go on eBay.
Those decision that you make when you set your search filters.
This unique second when you stumble upon the 'it' item.
The gust of breath when you say, 'oh, starting bid £0.99'
This movement of you finger when you tap 'watch'
Those notifications about the 'item ending soon'
The awaiting...the time passing...3 days to go... 2 days to go... 12 hours to go... 1 hour to go...15 minutes to go... 5 minutes left...1 minute left... the world slows down....the price is going can feel the tension in your limbs...30 seconds to go...the blood in your veins is going tap 'place bid'....the site is refreshing itself...
'What's the outcome?' lingers in the air whilst the whole world around goes deaf.
You won - oh the joy!
You lost - you blame some stupid app outbidding people in the last second and text a friend to share your grieve 'Brand new Acne dress went for £60 and I lost!' 'Peter Pilotto dress went for £80 - original price £900 - I want to die!!'

eBay is evil and eBay is some forgotten tribal god that you almost praise each time the bought item reaches your hands and it's ideal, it's beautiful and the seller even added a sweet 'thank you' note.
3 months of my intense relationship with eBay (iPhone, iPad app to be exact - it's the best btw) resulted in some dramatic losses (brand new Acne, Peter Pilotto, Armani and TopShop Unique pieces sold for almost 'nothing' but not to me), some highly exclaimed wins (some of them pictured below) and self-administered eBay rehab. 
Do I have any regrets? - NO! Am I going back? YES! Is Pierre Omidyar a genius - YEP! 

*brand new suede denim style jacket (the colour is electric blue) * Jaeger silk shirt (looks better when ironed :-) * Joseph silk red dress * Asos 'take me to the wedding' dress *shoes - both brand new - DP £3 and Nine West £11


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