Georges Rech Me!

On one March afternoon, in a pile of house mail I discovered an envelope addressed to me with the unknown handwriting. I panicked 'what is this?'  To the rhythm of my crazy heartbeat I opened (tore) the envelop and there it was

'How sweet,' I exclaimed after regaining my breath and the countdown began.

Last Saturday, equipped with 3 layers of clothing and a 'borrowed' umbrella, I made my way to Georges Rech boutique on St Johns Wood High Street. Because the snow storm was making my life difficult, I asked myself, 'why are you doing this?' Turned out my curiosity is indestructible (that's why).

I reached the store and was welcomed with a glass of champagne and a rather creative take on a fruit platter. 'Nice, ' I thought, 'now, show me the clothes!'

This is what I saw:

For those who are not familiar with the label, Georges Rech is not a newcomer. The label's first collection was launched in Paris in 1960. From then on, Georges Rech has been recognised for its casual chic signature style and those clean-cut suits. As visible on the pictures above, the label's product/customer focus has hugely developed since then as their current spring/summer collection is represented by the pieces that can relate to any fashion un/conscious customer.
Whether it's colour or fabric wise, the collection perfectly fits into the season's hot trends. Pastels, neons, blacks and whites, floral prints, leather, silks - it's all there for you and absolutely ready-to-wear.

The only BUT that can cross your mind while familiarising yourself with the collection may be 'I have seen it all somewhere - the white blazer is just like something that Stella McCartney would design; the bandage dresses have been conquered by Herve Ledger so this cannot possibly excite me!' However, when you may doubt the label's innovativeness, you will never question the quality of the clothing. The precision of the cuts, their 'smooth' appearance on your body when you try the pieces on; the beautifully finished linings; those golden zips swirling on your forearms; the general immaculate impression that the garments make - it's all definitely worthy your attention.

Below, the pieces that I admired most

I didn't want to part with this one (so suede, so soft, so blue!)
perfect combo

biker jacket (the devil's in the detail!)

more leather

those clean-cut blazers

silk tops (again, the detail!!)


those look amazing live

some dresses and co

 last but not least
For more info, look here


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