The End of My Fashion Coma

If there is such a human being who ever wondered what happened to my blog, here's the answer - fitting rooms lost their glamour and picture taking within their walls temporarily stopped thrilling my usually excited eyes. However, I could never prevent myself from purchasing clothes and looking for another unnecessary pair of shoes (especially in the bargain season). For a change, I'm going to post items I actually bought and wear (and most of the time, I'm crazy about).

Let's start from Diane Von Furstenberg silk top (a total bargain - £25 - can you believe that?)

This one was a B-day gift -  looks stunning on, believe me!

cropped, oversized sequin top (one of my charity shopping hunts)

Sparkle and Fade cardigan - on sale - cost me £10 - its tulip shape works well with long shirts or blouses

another charity shop treasure - had almost no cash on me so the lady said ' give me what you have' - £2.50 it was

my TopShop babe - bought for a special occasion that never took place but NYE did (looks awesome with a leather pencil skirt) - £50

when I saw it, I couldn't say 'NO' (silk, angora and lambswool for £18??)

this is probably one of the most ordinary items I own atm but how comfy, how warm and how red!! - Uniqlo menswear, lambswool £15 on offer
(never worn without the necklace)

As if I needed another pair of ankle boots...but...there were leather and £19.99 on c'mon (comfortable as hell!)

Also, next to my red lipstick addiction, I developed a new one - beauty samples.
When my first GLOSSYBOX arrived I knew I wasn't going to unsubscribe (dammit!). How cute is that??

Speaking of addiction - this one - for sure

Miller Marris
feuilles de tabac


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