LittleLuxuries + Miss Awkward

Two beautiful females - Okela and Tanya - run LittleLuxuries that 'specialise in high end, niche market and emerging brands which produce leather and skin products, silver, precious metal and gem jewellery, as well as, costume jewellery, for the fashion sazzy consumer looking for both desirable and unique 'unknown' brands.'
Just recently the ladies started focusing on helping Caribbean designers establish their brands on the European/British market.
In order to learn what their potential customers think about the apparel they are planning to promote, LittleLuxuries organised a soirée in a local boutique to which I was invited as a model (imagine that!!!). Anyway, the event went smoothly in a very friendly atmosphere and the awaited feedback took place.

I was wearing a dress from Botswana collection by Drenna Luna. I absolutely loved it! I realised that walking around in a pair of high heels (by Mr Louboutin, oh yeah!) and not being allowed to sit for most of the time, could be so bloody tiring!!! (however, it could have been the champagne :P)

Preparation time

introducing Okela

When everyone was working, I was taking pictures of myself (sporting: Uniqlo menswear)

This is the dress I was supposed to be wearing...but I wasn't feeling

...I put on this one (see the smile??)

feet killers

bracelet by Azuni



 (do you get the 'awkward' part now?)


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