Trade in Traid Dalston!

Dalston has a new charity shop and it turns out to be my favourite one - TRAID! What does it mean? It  means no excuses that the Westbourne Grove branch is too far away to get to anymore and that my credit card is going to have top times again.
I went to the store with a preconception of it being another Oxfam like place - full of people and boring pieces (I hope I did not offend anyone - for some reason my experience has always been quite negative). It turned out to be the absolute opposite! The clothes in the shop are ranging from African gowns, saris, vintage and street fashion pieces to some designer treasures. In my little world in means a total charity shopping awesomeness!

I left the store with a new little black dress, suede jacket and a necklace - my perfect b-day outfit!
If you're even in the area - do not forget to visit Traid!
In the meantime, see my today's top picks!

the one I could not resist

suede jacket I now own :-)


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