Because of the whole Olympics craziness, for past two weeks I have been quite attracted to Stratford and ended up hanging out in Westfiled quite a lot spending my time on window shopping and spotting some  hot Olympians (at least, most of the time).

I have written about major street fashion chains but overlooked the biggest one in the game - Primark. Everyone knows it (could be under a different name - Penneys - in Ireland or hiding under posh sounding brand names [e.g. Atmosphere] used by some [Polish] bloggers [no names] that usually make me laugh), everyone buys it, everyone can afford it and can't avoid it.

Here are my picks from the shop.

pink flamingo top

animal print dress

some classic

animal print skinny jeans

oversized vest

I visited other shops as well but in order not to steal Primark's 5 minutes of glory, will feature only two items from H&M that I loved!

sequined skirt

'galaxy' jeans


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